Some Links on Women in Religion

There is a nice collection of classical stuff called " diotima". A more general overview can be found at The Internet Women's History Sourcebook.

I did a global search for 'goddess' and found lots of garbage (including a few 'R' rated sites). There was lot of Wicca stuff, but most was disappointing (in terms of educational value). I will add the better links later on.

Someone collected a newsgroup discussion thread on whether women's rights are affirmed or denied in the Bible.

I found a Jewish feminist orginization called Kol Isha has a homepage. The newsgroup soc.culture.jewish has a FAQ titled Observance, Marriage, Women in Judaism

There is a Muslim site entitled " Women in Islam" and a FAQ on the same topic. You will find an essay titled The Status of Women In Islam, and a review of Leila Ahmed's _Women and Gender in Islam_. A Muslim woman author gives a speech, some of which is about women in Bangladesh.

There is an image of an Egyptian girl receiving a clitorodectomy (no porn). Three discussions of the topic.

The alt.pagan newsgroup has a FAQ on "Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft" and the Church of All Worlds has a FAQ. So does alt.religion.wicca.

In the misc. category I found a "A paper on how the general topic of women and religion might be connected to the net" (their title, none appears in the paper itself).

On women in Hinduism, there is a picture collection with some description called "Mortal Women and Celestial Lovers".

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prepared by Alan Humm