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On-line primary literature useful for Biblical Studies

Online primary literature for Biblical Studies includes a vast array of digital resources that provide access to original texts, manuscripts, and critical editions of the Bible. These resources often include the Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient translations like the Septuagint, early church fathers’ writings, and other pivotal documents that are essential for scholarly research. They are invaluable for in-depth study, textual criticism, and understanding the historical and cultural contexts of biblical writings.

Ancient Jewish Views of Jesus

Ancient Jewish views of Jesus encompass the diverse perspectives held by Jewish communities during the Second Temple period and beyond. These views range from recognizing Jesus as a prophet or teacher to rejecting his messianic claims. Various Jewish texts, such as the Talmud and writings of early Jewish historians like Flavius Josephus, offer insights into how Jesus was perceived within Jewish society and how his followers were viewed.

The Lilith Page

The Lilith Page explores the mythology and historical evolution of Lilith, a figure who appears in Jewish folklore, apocryphal texts, and later Christian and Islamic traditions. Often depicted as a demon or the first wife of Adam, Lilith’s story has been reinterpreted through the centuries, influencing literature, art, and feminist theology. This page delves into her origins, representations, and the cultural impact of this enigmatic figure.

Adam and Eve Temptation Pictures

Adam and Eve Temptation Pictures showcases various artistic representations of the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, focusing on the moment of temptation by the serpent. This collection highlights how different artists across history and cultures have depicted this pivotal scene, reflecting theological interpretations, artistic styles, and cultural values. It serves as a visual exploration of one of the most enduring and influential narratives in religious art.

Sampling of Interpretations of the Song of Songs

Sampling of Interpretations of the Song of Songs presents a curated selection of commentaries and interpretations of this poetic book from the Bible. The Song of Songs, known for its lyrical celebration of love, has been understood in various ways: as an allegory of God’s love for Israel, Christ’s love for the Church, or simply as a collection of secular love poems. This sampling highlights the richness and diversity of scholarly and theological approaches to this enigmatic text.

My Own Papers

My Own Papers is a collection of academic articles, research papers, and essays authored by me, covering various topics within biblical studies, theology, and related fields. These papers reflect my scholarly contributions, research interests, and insights gained through years of study and teaching. They offer a personal perspective on complex biblical and theological issues, contributing to ongoing academic discussions.

Some Courses I Have Taught

Some Courses I Have Taught outlines the range of academic courses I have designed and instructed, primarily in the fields of biblical studies, theology, and religious history. This includes undergraduate and graduate-level classes, covering topics such as Old and New Testament studies, biblical languages, hermeneutics, and the historical context of biblical texts. Each course aims to deepen students’ understanding and critical engagement with the biblical tradition.