Alan Humm

PhD in Religious Studies

Picture of Alan Humm Research Interests:
  • Christianity & Judaism in the Hellenistic period
  • Social & psychological context of prophetic activity
  • Music and Religious Experience
  • Gender issues in Christianity and Judaism
  • Jewish and Christian Folklore and Magical Traditions
  • Music Theory and Composition

Some Courses I have taught

Jewish and Christian Literature
topical pages.

Guitar, Music Theory, and my own Music

My Vita [if anyone is curious]


Last Modified 2020
Alan Humm
Thanks to Salman M. Sajid for the caligraphic name gif

Music: Interested in learning music theory? Look at An introduction to popular music theory. Aspiring guitarists should check out Guitar Learning Helps. If you just want to know what the author has been up to look at Alan Humm's music.