Stuff I wrote

My MA thesis: The decline of prophecy in the second temple period (1985)

My Dissertation (in book form): Psychology of Prophecy in Early Christianity: prophetism and religious altered states of consciousness (2009)
The Introducition

   Don't have a spare $100+ to spend on a book (me neither)? Get your local research library (usually College or University) to order it (and I will love you—not that I will get any money from it)! Of course, if you plan to buy one for yourself, I ask that you use my link (I might make a whole dollar).
   World Cat Listing

I wrote three articles for The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary and Cinematic Monsters. It was published in 2014, so I am now allowed to share them with you. But, of course you are still encouraged to ask your local research library to get a copy (if they don't already have one). Again, if you're buying, please use my link.



    “Monsters in the Koran”

I will probably get around to sticking some papers up here at some point that are not likely to be publishable.
My Vita (like anyone cares).