Lilith Art:

Risqué & overtly erotic images

These pictures are separated out, not because of topic or historical period, but merely because they require a higher FOSI rating. It seemed better to isolate them than to limit access to the bulk of the other images.
Ariadne: First Woman Ariadne. First Woman, or Birth of Adam. Early 1997, using Detailer, Poser and Painter. In viewing this, be sure to note the feminine form of the tree (of life? knowledge?) in the background as well as the woman within Adam. Used by Permission

Shulevitz: Queen of Sheba Uri Shulevitz, The Queen of Sheba. This illustrates a story in which Lilith, in her guise as the Queen of Sheba, maintains an affair with a poor inn keeper (who then becomes a rich inn keeper) until his wife finds out. Once the affair is over he becomes suddenly poor again, since all his riches were demonic illusion. Produced for the book The Lilith Cave by Howard Schwartz, 1989.

Fernandez: Lilith the Vamp(ire) Lilith as Vamp (all puns intended). Raul Fernandez, 1995. The image does not have a title, but the artist supplies the following caption: "Being Queen of the Damned has a lot of perks, but feeding her subjects is Lilith's favorite..."
  One of my correspondents, whose net-name is 'Lilith,' offers this interpretation: "It is a very Dominant, in charge image. It could be scoffing at periods or returning the blood of a male to where they all want to go who are orally driven, back into the womb, or is it sacrificial to Lilith?"
  I was hesitant to include this image for a long time and only do so now that I have a page that is theoretically protected from younger viewers. Artistically it is not in the same genre as most of the other images in this collection, but it represents an aspect of Lilith - the dark erotic - which is not as overtly represented in any of the other images.
© Copyright 1995 Raul Fernandez. Used by permission.

Desimon: Lilith (1) Desimon: Lilith (2) Michel Desimon, Lilith, French, ~1930-40. Ummm... Lilith as Klingon, right??

Even when copyright notices do not appear next to individual images (probably because I was unable to find the details) all usual rights should be assumed for the owners of each of these images


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