Poems and Lyrics

on Lilith Themes

Aenima: "Lilith," 2003
Björk & Plaid: "Lilith," 1997
Robert Browning: "Adam, Lilith and Eve," 1883
Sylvia Chong: "Lilith," 1993
Vicka Rael Corey: "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Baby", 1994
Coroner: "Son of Lilith", 1994
Aleister Crowley:
Enid Dame: "Lilith"
"Lilith's New Career"
"Lilith, I Don't Cut My Grass"
"Lilith in a Garden in San Antonio, Texas, or, The Name Game"
Genesis: "Lilywhite Lilith", 1974
M. Kelley Hunter: "Lilith: A Monologue", 1995
Leigh Ann Hussey: "Lilith", 1985
Inkubus Sukkubus: "Heart Of Lilith", 1997
Legendary Pink Dots
   & Edward Ka-Spel
"Lilith's Daughter", 1984 (Edward Ka-Spel's solo work)
"Lilith", 1991
Primo Levi: "Lilith", 1965
Machines of Loving Grace: "Lilith/Eve"
Ordo Equilibrio: "Walpurgisnacht in the Grotto. Dancing with Lilith", 1985
Filomena Pereira:
"Retros", 1995
Bill Racicot: "High Seduction -- A Dialogue ", 1994
Dante Gabriel Rossetti:
"Lilith (for a picture)" or "Body's Beauty", 1868
"Eden's Bower", 1868
Kauko Röyhkä: "Lilith"
David Sylvian:
"Lilith", 1987
Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine:
"Cabaret Sainte-Lilith", 2008
Thou Art Lord:
"For The Lust Of Lilith", 1994
Unto Ashes: "Conjuration To Lilith", 1999
Michelene Wandor:
"Eve to Lilith/Lilith to Eve" 1995
"Lilith's Dance" 1995
Sasha Elisabeth Wolfe:
"Mirror Image", 1987


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