Some Terms from Post-Talmudic Jewish Literature

Atbash: Probably originally a code, it is a simple substitution alphabet in which the last letter is swapped with the first, the next to last with the second and so forth. Atbash is used at least twice in the Bible (Jer. 25.26 & 51.41) where 'Sheshakh' is used in place of 'Babel' (Babylon). In later literature it is sometimes a mystical alphabet. [AH]

Cooled: e.g. limited her ability to conceive from her husband (see 'hot', below). [AH]

Feet: A not uncommon euphemism for 'genitals'. [AH]

Get, Gita: This is the official document of divorce, issued by the husband, whereby a wife is 'sent away'/released. [AH]

Hot: This term appears to be used consistently in these contexts to mean 'pregnant'. [AH]

Little Faces: Presumably, either the cherubim, or the souls of unborn children. Patai assumes the former[AH]

Lilin: Patai identifies these as the male equivalents of the liliths -- e.g. incubus. In contrast, the Epstein translates "female demons." [AH]

Screech: Note the 'owl' connection in Isa. 34:14, the Gilgamesh fragment and the Sumerian relief. [AH]


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