Lilith Art III: 1997-2000

as well as modern pictures without known dates

Anahid: Altar to Lilith Anahid Arslanian. Altar to Lilith. Mixed Media Assemblage Box, 15" x 21" x 3". © Anahid Arslanian, all rights reserved. Used by permission

Drex: Lilith 1st Panel Drex: Medusa 2nd Panel Drex: Lilith 3rd Panel Morgan Drex. Lilith and Medusa. watercolour and pencil on paper--all 3 images part of one scroll.
Used by permission

Merriweather: Lilith Allison Merriweather, Lilith.

Unknown: Sun, Earth, Moon & Lilith Unknown. The dark moon: Sun, Earth, Moon & Lilith
The Earth's second moon was an astronomical 'discovery' that was ultimately discredited. However, not before the astronomer who discovered it named it Lilith, and it was then incorporated into some astrological systems as an influential heavenly body with some of the characteristics of the mythical figure Lilith. It is still used by some astrologers.
If you created this image, or if you know who did, please contact me.

Flory: Lilith as celebrant Floralyn Groff Flory. Lilith as celebrant. Three dimensional, multi-media. Made from grapevines, stained glass, feathers, birds feet, clay and plaster. Part of a 5 piece display accompanied by poetry.
The artist comments: The artwork was created to honor the journey that women make as they struggle to follow their own path and find themselves in spite of the limitations, judgments, restrictions and demands placed on them by society, family and friends.
Used by permission.

Caragliano: Lilith Fortunato Caragliano. Lilith. Created using Adobe Photoshop 4.0, Valis's MetaFlo & StrataStudio 1.75 for the Apple Macintosh. Orig. size: 4255x6720 pixels. The picture was originally released in the end of 1996 (November) by U.D.C., Catania, Italy, and then used by NovaExpress, a weekly magazine based in Rome, as an illustration for the cover. © copyright 1996 U.D.C., Catania, Italy. Used by permission of the artist.

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