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Kubert?: Lilith Andy Kubert? (Marvel): Lilith from 'Rise of the Midnight Sons' series (Ghost Rider vol. 2 #29-31 ~1992).

Marvel: Lilith Lilith as vampire. Some vampire lore has Lilith as either the first and oldest of the vampires, or at least their queen.
I found this at a collection of vampire pictures. I have been told that it probably comes from one of the Marvel Comics serials, presumably Dracula where Lilith is Dracula's daughter. But she also made an appearance in one of the X-Men comics as well.

Vallejo: Lilith Lilith. 'Fantasy Art' picture by Boris Vallejo.
© copyright 1989 Boris Vallejo.

Vallejo: Lilith Sea Creatures. 'Fantasy Art' picture by Boris Vallejo.
Included in the 1994 Boris Vallejo Mythology Calendar as Lilith. Workman Publishing Co., Inc., 708 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. The Calendar version of the picture has different cropping and color balance, but the scan is larger. © copyright 1993 Boris Vallejo.

Bell: Golden Golden Lovers. 'Fantasy Art' picture by Julie Bell. That this is Lilith seems to be the opinion of many, but who knows?
© copyright 1992 Julie Bell.

Smith: Calabim-Lilim Calabim-Lilim. drawn by Dan Smith. A rendition of one of the lesser lilith-demons, which the producers of this game call 'lilim'.
This comes from a group of illustrations produced by Steve Jackson Games for their angel-demon role playing game, In Nomine. © copyright 1996? Steve Jackson Games.

Grendel: Lilith East of Eden Grendel. Lilith in the Darkness East of Eden
Thanks to Karyl Ayne for identifying the artist on this piece

Grendel: Lilith (2) Grendel. Lilith

          Lilith Philip J. Felix. Lilith. © Phillip J. Felix.

Sabourin: Lilith 1 Stephane Sabourin. Lilith 1. © Stephane Sabourin. Used by permission

          Cyber Lilith Stephane Sabourin. Cyber Lilith. © Stephane Sabourin. Used by permission

          Lilith Rules Stephane Sabourin. Lilith Rules. Waterpencil. © Stephane Sabourin. Used by permission

Linsner: Lilith Print Joseph Michael Linsner. Limited Edition Lilith Print. © Joseph Michael Linsner

Linsner: Lilith Joseph Michael Linsner. Lilith. © Joseph Michael Linsner

Neon Genesis Evangelion Lilith from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion (see the the next framefor fuller description). Here she is in her final form.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Lilith from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. This a fairly unusual anime series in which Adam and Lilith appear something like primordial beings. Humans defend themselves with huge machines known as EVAs. Lilith is impaled by the spear of Longinus on a huge cross with lots of Christian symbolism.
Some links: Wikipedia article
Of Lilith and Adam.
© GAINAX Co., Ltd.

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