Richard Callner's Lilith Images

Images from a collection on Lilith by Richard Calner. Visit and browse through his pages. Note the pictures that go to his web site (1st 3) are designed such that clicking on the image will enlarge it for you. Be sure also to check out the "Where's Lilith" essay written by Ken Johnson.

These images have disappeared from the web, as far as I can tell. I know of many others, but cannot find them. Of course, they are under copyright, so if Callner prefers that they disappear, what can we say?
Lilith Tapestry.
woven dyed wool (Mambush Studio, Israel), 80" x 60"
© copyright 1970 Richard Callner

oil on linen, , 43" x 35"
© copyright 1970 Richard Callner

Interior Lilith. handcolored lithograph, 13" x 22"
Obviously drawing inspiration from the Ephesian Artemis
© copyright 1985 Richard Callner
collection of Carolyn Callner

Callner: Birth of Lilith Lovers: Birth of Lilith, (1964). 24 x 34", oil.
© 1964 Richard Callner. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. I. K. Rivkend

Callner: Lilith as Artemis Lilith as Artemis of Ephesus Creating the Garden of Eden, (1966). 39 1/2 x 39 1/2", oil on linen.
© 1966 Richard Callner. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benson

Callner: Lilith Leaving the Garden Lilith Leaving the Garden of Eden (Lilith Metamorphosis), (1969/1973). 48 1/4 x 40", oil on linen.
© 1969 Richard Callner. Collection of Nancy Liddle
Other Lilith images by Callner: Lilith as Leda (1964), Lilith Giving Birth (1969), Seven Dreams of Lilith (1969).

All images © copyright Richard Callner


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