De Arte Magica

by Baphomet
(Aleister Crowley)

XIII: Of certain Jewish theories

    Among the Jews are certain instructed Initiates of their Qabalah who hold, as We understand, the view that in the Zraa or Semen itself lies a creative force inherent which cannot be baulked. Thus they say that before Eve was made, the dreams of Adam produced Lilith, a demon, and that from his intercourse with her sprang evil races. Now then they mine the Roads of the Harbour of conjugal love with many restrictions; as these (1) it must be an holy act, preceded by ablutions, and by prayer (2) all lustful thoughts must be rigidly excluded (3) the purpose must be solely that of procreation (4) the blessing of God must be most earnestly invoked, so that the child shall be under His special protection. In other language, this is their theory: the act of love causes a magical disturbance in the Aether of Akasa of such a nature as to attract or create a discarnate human spirit. All other sexual acts involving emission of semen therefore attract or other spirits, incomplete and therefore evil. Thus nocturnal pollutions bring succubae, which are capable of separate existance, and of vampirising their creator. But voluntary sterile acts create demons, and (if done with concentration and magical intention), such demons as may subserve that intention. Thus, as Levi testifieth, to graft a tree successfully, the graft is fixed by a woman while the man copulateth with her per vas nefandum.

    We also narrate for the sake of completeness their method---perfected by modern Adepts---let us here give honour and worship to the name of Our lay-sister Ida Nelidoff---of attaining spiritual ecstasy by sexual means. And this method We have called Erotocomatose Lucidity.

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