Second (Syriac) apocalypse of Baruch

Originally in Greek, but surviving only in Syriac, 2 Baruch was written by a Jewish author, sometime in the late first or early second century, CE. It is likely a response to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, rather than the earlier destruction by the Babylonians which it purports to mourn.

2 Baruch 10:7-8

    But we, the living, woe to us,
         because we have seen those afflictions of Zion
         and that which has befallen Jerusalem.

    I shall call the Sirens from the sea,
         and you, Lilin[1], come from the desert,
         and you, demons and dragons from the woods.
    Awake and gird up your loins to mourn,
         and raise lamentations with me,
         and mourn with me.
From the translation by A.F.J. Klijn, found in James Charlesworth's The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, vol. 1, (Doubleday, 1983).


[1] "Lilin" is a masculine plural form, so these demons are not liliths in the normal sense, but rather their male counterparts.


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