Ugaritic Manumission and Marriage

(Translator: J.J. Finkelstein)

Ugarit. Text. RS 8.208. F. Thureau-Dangin, Syria, XVIII (l937); 246, transliteration and translation, ibid., 253f.[a]

As of this day, before witnesses, Gilben, chamberlain of the queen's palace, set free (5) Eliyawe his maidservant, from among the women of the harem, and by pouring oil on her head, made her free, (saying:) (10) "Just as I am quit towards her, so is she quit towards me, forever."

Further, Buriyanu, the namu,[1] has taken her as his wife, (I5), and Buriyanu, her husband has rendered 20 (shekels) of silver into the hands of Gilben. Four witnesses.
(Inscribed on seal:) Should Buriyanu, tomorrow or the following day, refuse to consummate[3](his marriage) with Eliyawe--[3]
[1] Lit.: "man of the steppe," possibly a migrant agricultural laborer.
[3] Lit.: "approach."
[3] The penalty is left unstated, and was to be understood.

[a] ANET p. {546}.


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