New Sumerian Divorce Document

(Translator: Theophile J. Meek)

Divorce Settlement [a]

Published by Fr. Thureau-Dangin, Recueil de tablettes chaldéennes (1903), most recently translated by C.,J. Gadd, A Sumerian Reading- Book (1924), p. 173.

Final judgment; Lu-Utu, the son of Nig-Baba, divorced Geme-Enlil. Dugidu, an officer and official,[1] took oath that Geme-Enlil had taken her stand[2] (and) said, ' By the kingi Give me IO shekels of silver (and) I will not enter claim against you," (and) that she made him forfeit IO shekels of silver. Ur-.. (was) the deputy; Ur-Lama (was) the governor.
The year Harshi and Humurti were sacked.[3]

[1] The exact meanign of the titles used here, ùg-íl and engar, is not known.
[2] Lit. "Had set her face."
[3] This is the date formula for the last year of Shulgi, king of Ur, about 2038-1990 B.C.

[a] ANET p. 218.


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