Apocrypha and Deuterocanonicals

Some of these books may be in your Bible, depending own which tradition you come from (Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, etc.). But I have included as many here as I could think of (and/or find). Generally speaking, Protestants have the smallest collection in their Bibles (among Christians), all of which are included in the other main streams of Christianity. Beyond that, there are differences.
Note: If an item is greyed it means that I have not yet found an on-line version, but I am still looking. If you know of one, or are willing to produce one, please contact me.


This is a Roman Catholic term, and refers to a specific group of books. They were represented in the Vulgate, but marginalized or out-right rejected by Protestents. The Catholics then re-affirmed at the Council of Trent (1545 and 1563).

Most Eastern Orthodox Traditions (In addition to the above Deuterocanonicals)

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