Gutenberg Bible
    Gutenberg Bible
    Bible Gateway Numerous versions, some of which have Apocrypha/Deuterocanonicals
        Lots of languages.
        You can look up in one language or version, then select another and get the same passage in the other version.
        If you look up a Hebrew word, and can't read the book name, you will have to swap to another languages to see what you found (not a big deal).
        You have to search for the word in its fully spelled form including nikud (vowels), no typing just the consonantal text. In Greek, this means that you have the accents and breathing exact (including whether the accent is acute or grave [oxia/varia]).
    The Unbound Bible
        Several versions of the Hebrew Bible, including 2 unpointed versions, Several versions of the Greek Jewish Scriptures and the New Testament, with and without accents
        Does not allow movement to other versions after the search, so you cannot do a search on the unpointed text an see the results in the pointed version.
    Bible Web App on-line reading program. If your Greek or Hebrew are less than perfect this is the page you've been looking for.
    Has three functioning compontents as of 1/1/2011:
          Shows definitions and full morphological information for most words.
          Basic definitions are in footnotes, details appear if you hover the mouse over the word in question.
          Allows you to select level of difficulty for vocabulary.
          Reader remembers where you were the last time and automatically takes you there.
          Color coding shows whether it is a noun, verb, etc.
          Shows side by side original and English version
          Basic English word search program, fast
        Only gives most forms. While this should be enough for someone who has completed a one semester to one year course in the language, it may be a little weak if you are teaching yourself.
        If you click on another of his tabs (such as from reader to study) it does not remember where you were on the first tab, only the last place you were on this tab. So copy it to the clipboard so you can re-paste it if you are going back and forth, and wanting to see the same passage.
        When you click away from the reader, and then come back it has reset your difficulty to '30' (meaning, include only words occurring 30 or less times in the Bible) - a little stiff even after two semesters.
        Search engine (Instant) does not have Greek or Hebrew, and only a few English translations.
        Minor irritant: ch/vs addresses have to be colon separated (e.g. Job 2:4). Period will not work (Job 2.4).
    Revised Standard Version Bible
    Old Testament Apocrypha/Deuterocanonicals

    Hebrew Bible with parallel English (JPS 1917) Attractive Hebrew font with nikud (vowels).
    Hebrew Bible No vowels, san-serif font.
    Targum Onkelos Aramaic translation of the Torah Non-Aramaic portions are in Russian.
    Greek Jewish Scriptures: Septuagint with Russian intro.
    Greek Jewish Scriptures: Septuagint with English intro
    Vulgate (Latin)

    CCAT parallel and Morphologically Tagged Bible texts. No fonts here - all in Beta code transliteration format. (Gopher)

    Greek New Testament Including an extremely useful search engine (depending, as always, on what you want). You enter the dictionary form in Latin transliteration, without accents, and it gives you all occurances of the term, with accents, regardless of form (so, for example 'logos' will turn up λογου). You cannot type in just 'logou,' but there is a place where you can specify part of speech, tense/case, etc.
    Greek New Testament (Wescot & Hort) on Perseus
    Syriac Peshita New Testament with square Aramaic interlinear and with Estrangelo font. Also includes Greek interlinear. Handy if you learned Biblical Aramaic, but never learned the Syriac font.
        Same thing with interword English instead.
    Franz Delitzsch's Hebrew translation of the New Testament, done in the year 1877.

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