Ancient Near Eastern Treatises

Note: If an item is greyed it means that I have not yet found an on-line version, but I am still looking. If you know of one, or are willing to produce one, please contatct me.

Most of these links are to the excellent site Gateways to Babylon. There is more there than I have included. If this material interests you, you should visit that site as well.
Since some pages are summaries, some versions of the full text, and there may be paraphrases, I have decided to add the page numbers from J. B. Pritchard's Ancient Near Eastern Texts if I can find them (not always easy -- feel free to enlighten me if you know some I have not located, or if I got one wrong (Alan Humm). Obviously, I haven't worked on the Mesopotamian texts yet, but you may still enlighten me.

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