Florentino García Martínez & Eibert J. C. Tigchelaar, The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition, Koninklijke Brill (Leiden: 1977), pp. 307-309.

Frag. 1, col II + 9 (= 4Q513 1-2 ?)
1    [...] Not [...]
2 [...Isra]el its ini[quiti]es and to atone for all th[eir] sins. [...]
3 [... And if] someone [ma]kes it into a threshing floor or a press, whoever comes to the threshing floor [or to the press, ...]
4 whoever in Israel owns nothing, that person can eat some and gather for himself; but for [his] house[hold he is not to gather.]
5 (In) the field he may eat it for himself, but is not to bring it to his house to store it [...]
6 [Concer]ning [the ransom:] the money of valuation which one gives a ransom for his own person will be half [a shekel,]
7 only once will he give it in all his days. The shekel comprises twenty geras in the she[kel of the temple.]
8 for the six hundred thousand; one hundred talents; for the third, half talent, [...]
9 and for the fifty, half a mina, twenty-five shekels. The total [...]
10 mina. [...t]hree for ten minas [...]
11 [...five (shekels) of silver (make) the tenth part of [a mina ...]
12 [... the she]kel fo the temple; ha[lf a shekel ...]
13 [...] the ephah and the bath are of the s[ame] size [...]
14 [... t]hree tenths [...]
15 [...] Blank [...]
16 [... u]pon the people, and upon [their] g[ar]ments [...]
17 [... I]srael, Mos[es] burnt [...]

Frags. 2-4
1    And if [... to a] foreigner or the descendant of a [foreign] fam[ily ...]
2 in the presence of Is[rael.] They are [no]t to serve gentiles; with...[... from the land of]
3 Egypt and command them not to be sold for the price of a slave. and [te]n men
4 and two priests, and they shall be judged by these twelve. [... In every]
5 capital offence in Israel their authority should be consulted, and whoever disobeys [...]
6 he will be executed, for the acted presumptuously. A woman is not to wear the clothes of a male; every[one ... and he is not]
7 to put on a woman's cloak, and he is not to dress in a woman's tunic, for it is an [ab]omination. [...] Blank [...]
8 In the case where a man slanders a maiden of Israel, if he says it at the [moment] of taking her, they shall examine her
9 regarding (her) trustworthiness. If he has not lied about her, she shall be put to death; but if he has testified [false]ly against her, they are to fine him two minas [and he is not]
10 to divorce her for all the days (of his life), Anyone who [...] to do ... [...]

Frag. 5
1    [... be]fore God, and they died. The interpretation of [...]
2 [...] Blank The sons of Lev[I ...]
3 [...] in judgment. And what he sa[ys ...]
4 [...] when Moses took the [...]
5 [...] they will go out there. Interpretation of the matter: [...]
6 [... to ex]pound the Law in distress and [...]
7 [... a]s Moses said [...]
8 [...] all [...]