Eldad and Modad

Eldad and Modad (sometimes read as 'Modat' or 'Medad') is the title for a now lost work who's only surviving fragments are in quotations from it given in Hermas' Vision 2.3.4 and in the Targum Pseudo-Jonathan. The similarity of these two quotes is such that they may reference the same passage (E. G. Martin in Charlesworth's OTP). Other passages in early Christian and Jewish literature refer to, but do not quote the work. [AH]

"The LORD is near to them who return unto Him," as it is written in Eldad and Modad, who prophesied to the people in the wilderness. [Hermas Vision 2.3.4]

The Lord is near to those in distress. [Targum Pseudo-Jonathan on Num. 11.26]

Pseudo-Jonathan also tells us that the work addressed an eschatological attack on Jerusalem, war with Gog and Magog, and the triumph of the royal Messiah (Martin).