The Epic of Gilgamesh


Translated by Maureen Gallery Kovacs Except for tablet XII

Except for tablet XII, this is based on the printed edition by Maureen Gallery Kovacs:
Kovacs, M. G. (1989). The epic of Gilgamesh. Stanford, Calif: Stanford University Press.
The electronic edition was modified from that prepared by Wolf Carnahan, 1998.
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The Epic of Gilgamesh is a Sumerian hero story. It is probably connected to an 'historical' king of Uruk from the third milleneum, BC. In written form it comes to us on 12 tablets, although the twelfth is probably an independent tradition about the same person. Tablets 1-11 are modified from that found at the Academy for Ancient Texts. Kovacs (the translator) chose not to translate the last tablet primarily because of its lack of connection to the rest of the epic. See Tablet XII for translation information there. She made the translation mostly from the "standard" Akkadian "edition," but with an eye on the Old Babylonian. Summaries can be seen by hovering the mouse pointer over the appropriate link.

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Tablet II
Tablet III
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Tablet XII, Including The huluppu tree

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