New Sumerian Divorce Document

Divorce settlement

Interpretation by Alan Humm

This is a modernized reinterpretation of Theophile Meek‘s translation (see references). It dates from approximately the end of the third Millennium, BC. For Meek‘s literal version, go to this link.
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Meek, Theophile. (1969). New Sumerian: divorce settlement. Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament with Supplement. Pritchard, James B. (Ed.). Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press. p. 217.

Lu'utu, son of Nigbaba, has divorced Geme'enlil. Officer, Dugidu, testified that Geme'enlil entered into the following contract:
“In exchange for 10 shekels, I swear by the king that I will not bring a claim against you.”
[He also testified] that [Lu'utu] paid her the 10 shekels.

Deputy: Ur.
Governor: Urlama
Date: The year Harshi and Humurti were defeated.

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