Assyrian Circle Incantation

From Oriental Magic by Idries Shah
Translated by H. Zimmern from the Surpu Exorcism Tablets.

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Ban! Ban! Barrier that none can pass,
Barrier of the gods, that none may break,
Barrier of heaven and earth that none can change,
Which no god may annul,
Nor god nor man can loose,
A snare without escape, set for evil,
A net whence none can issue forth, to spread for evil.
Whether it be evil pirit, or demon, or ghost,
Or evil devil, or evil god, or evil fiend,
Or hag-demon, or ghoul, or robber-sprite,
Or phantom, or night-wraith, or handmaid of the phantom,
or evil plague, or fever-sickness, or unclean disease,
Which hath attacked the shining waters of Ea,
May the snare of Ea catch it;
Or which hath assailed the meal of Nisaba,
May the net of Nisaba attack it;
Or which hath broken the barrier,
Let not the barrier of the gods,
The barrier of heaven and earth, let it go free;
Or which not reverenceth the great gods,
May the gods entrap it,
May the great gods curse it;
Or which attacketh the house,
Into a closed dwelling may they cause it to enter;
Or which circleth round about,
Into a place without escape may they bring it;
Or which is shut in by the house door,
Into a house without exit may they cause it to enter;
Or that which passeth the door and bolt,
With door and bolt, a bar immovable, may they withold it;
Or which bloweth in at the threshold and hinge,
Or which forceth a way through bar and latch,
Like water may they pour it out,
Like a goblet may they dash it in pieces,
Like a tile may they break it;
Or which passeth over the wall,
Its wing may they cut off;
Or which lieth in a chamber,
Its throat may they cut;
Or which looketh in at a side chamber,
Its face may they smite;
Or which muttereth in a lower chamber,
Its mouth may they shut;
Or which roameth loose in an upper chamber,
With a bason witout opening may they cover it;
Or which at dawn is darkened,
At dawn to a place of sunrise may they take it.