Introduction to Christianity

RelS 133 Summer 2003 Quiz #3 makeup 7/10/03Name:______________________

Respond to three of the following essay questions. At least one of your answers should be addressed to one of the last two questions. Your answers to the last two questions should reflect in-class discussions (although it does not need to be limited to those discussions). Be succinct -- information is much more important than volume. This is due in class on Tuesday, July 22.

What factors lead to the formation of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and what service did it seek to provide for the Church? Describe some of their successes. Why were their methods controversial (give examples), and were there other reasons for their unpopularity in some circles? What was the impact of the society's abolition in 1773?

Martin Marty, in his chapter on North America (which does not seem to include Mexico), has as an overarching theme, "The one and the many." How does this describe (or fail to describe) Christianity in the US & Canada? Where is 'the one' to be found (or at least hoped for)? To what extent is it an illusion? Why has American Christianity evolved differently than its European counterpart?

What are the primary factors that have effected the decline of Christianity in Europe? How have the mainstream churches responded to the emergent philosophical and economic systems, and how have those systems viewed the Church(es)? How is all this related to the old issue of Church and State? Why has European Christianity evolved differently than its American counterpart?

What are the primary issues were which mainstream Protestants and Catholics disagreed during the first century of the Reformation? Briefly describe each. How did the English Reformation differ in regard to these issues?

What was the 'Babylonian Captivity of the Church?' What issues lead to it and how was it eventually resolved? Did it in any way set the stage for the Reformation? How has Roman Catholic policy changed in ways that would make it less likely to recur?