World Religions Response Paper Guidelines

After visiting a religious group

  1. What is your home tradition (whether or not you are an active participant in that tradition)?
  2. When and where did you visit?
  3. What religion (e.g. Hinduism, etc.)? What subgroup in the religion (e.g. Hari Krishna group)?
  4. Did you feel welcome? Why (not)?
  5. How would you characterize this group within the larger tradition (e.g. liberal, orthodox, universalistic, etc.)?
  6. How would characterize it socially (e.g. popular religious expression, official and liturgical, etc.)?
  7. What aspects of the experience made you feel comfortable and "at home"?
  8. What aspects of the experience made you feel like an outsider, or were particularly strange to you?
  9. Were your previous beliefs about yourself or members of this religious group challenged in any way? How?
  10. Did you regard this as a valuable exercise for the class?