World Religions Fall 2001 Quiz #4 makeup 11/13/01Name:______________________

Respond to the following essay questions. Be succinct -- information is much more important than volume. This is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Briefly outline the life of Muhammad. Which events are regarded as most important by Muslim tradition. Contrast the roles played in his life by Kadija and A'ysha. How do we know what we know about his life (e.g., what are our historical sources)?

Describe Muslim daily prayer. When, where and how is it performed? How important is it to the observant Muslim? Less observant Muslims?

Discuss the roles of women in modern Islam. Be sure to take note of the diversity among the various Muslim communities worldwide. How do issues of the relation of shari'a to civil law impact on women in Muslim (Islamic) countries?