Women in Biblical Law


Curse of Eve Gen 3.1-16 (compare 2 Cor 11.3, 1 Tim 2.14)
Divorce and remarriage Dt 24.1-4
Marriage with female captives Dt 21.10-14
Laws on adultery and pre-marital sex Dt 22.13-30, Ex 22:16f
Ordeal to determine guilt/innocence if charged with adultery Num 5.12-31
Levirite Marriage Dt 25.5-10
Men & Marriage Dt 24.5

Menstruation and childbirth

regarding menstruation Lev 15.19-33
regarding childbirth Lev 12.1-8

Religious obligations

honoring vows Num 30.3-16


inheritance Nu 27.1-11, Nu 36.1-12 (compare Josh 17.3-6, Job 42.15)


Rights of female slaves same as male Dt 16.17b
Marriage rights of slaves Ex 21.2-11

In Cult

Divorced or widowed daughters of priests Lev 22:13
Hierodules forbidden Dt 23.18
Serve at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting Ex 38:8 (see also 1Sa 2:22)
Use of asherah with YHWH forbidden Dt 16.21
Witchcraft prohibited Ex 22:18


forbidden to sieze genitals of husband's combatant Dt 25.11-12
cross dressing prohibited Dt 22.5

New Testament

Instructions regarding veils and hair length 1Cor 11:5-15
On whether to marry 1Cor 7.10-17
On submission of wife and love of husband Eph 5.21-33
Modest dress 1Tim 2:9f, 1Pet 3:3f
Enjoined to silence in the assembly 1Cor 14.34f
Forbidden to teach men 1Tim 2:11-15
enjoined to teach younger women (to submit to husbands) Tit 2:3-5
Qualifications for deaconesses or wives of deacons 1Tim 3:11
Policy regarding treatment of widows in the church 1Tim 5:1-16