Where to start for Paper Research

Intro. to the New Testament

Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries

Anchor Bible Dictionary
Interpreter's Bible Dictionary
Encyclopaedia of Religion (Eliade)
Encyclopaedia Judaica
Catholic Encycopedia

Bibliographic Sources

Religion Index
Elenchus Bibliographicus Biblica

Primary Texts

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Charlesworth)
The Apocryphal New Testament
Apostolic Fathers (Sparks) or online
Gnostic Scriptures (Bentley Layton)
The Dead Sea Scrolls in English (Vermes)

Other Bibliographic Soruces and Paper helps

Possible topics for a research paper
A fuller bibliography on Earliest Christianity with some comments on the discerning use of resources in the study of Early Christianity
A fuller bibliography on Judaism in the Hellenistic Period
Another bibliography on Judaism in some database format
A fuller bibliography on Paul and Pauline Christianity
Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity by Walter Baur. Plus a few other sources on the "varieties of Early Christianity"


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