What is Religion?

Rel 160 Fall 1997 Quiz #3 makeup 10/24/96Name:______________________

Respond to the following essay questions. Be succinct -- information is much more important than volume. This is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, Nov. 5.

Use of images (statues, icons [pictures], etc.) is a common feature of various world religious traditions, but the explanations for the relationship between the divinity and the image differ considerably. Outline the various approaches taken by differing traditions. Use specific examples. Are there any traditions that avoid use of such images entirely?

We looked at both archaistic and teleistic models for the history of religions. How does the Goddess theory fit into this pattern (e.g., is it teleistic, archaistic, or neither). Explain. If it falls in with one of the two, how does it modify the usual model? If it does not match either, what new pattern does it propose?