Philosophy and Worldview

PHL 101

Instructor: Alan Humm [ ]

Fall 2014 : Th 1:30-4:30 PM

Required Textbooks:

Sproul, R.C. The Consequences of Ideas: Understanding the Concepts that Shaped Our World, Crossway Books.
The older ed. is fine, although I don't have a link for that.
Sire, James W. The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog, 5th Edition, IVP Academic.
Needs to be the newer edition.

Assignments and Grade Breakdown

Your first responsibility in this class is to show up prepared to discuss. You should read the assigned materials, but most importantly, you should be thinking critically about them. Active participation in class will be rewarded at grade time to the tune of about 15% of your final grade. Also, we will have a very short non-cumulative evaluation every other week. Those grades will together represent 45% of your final grade. Normally this will only take the first 20 min. of class and class will continue afterwards. You will be preparing a final paper that will ultimately represent 30% of your grade, but broken down into two parts. You will provide a first draft about 2/3 into the semester, which I will return the following week with comments and suggestions. In the unlikely event that it is perfect (it has happened), you are done with writing for this class. Otherwise you are expected to rewrite responding to my comments. The grading breakdown will be, 1st draft: 10%, final written version: 20%.

The final will consist of a single essay which you will have selected from a list of questions that I will give to you late in the semester. This is take-home, due the day of the final. However, also on the final day, we will have the last of the short quizzes, so, sorry to say, you will still have to show up that day.

Paper target is 10-15 pages. Potential topics will be distributed during the first class session. However, the specific topic of the research paper will be of you own choosing, although it should be related to the course. If it doesn't come from the distributed list, it will require my approval. Because there will be oral presentations, no two individuals will be allowed to write on the same topic, so if you have a favorite, nab it quickly. You should let me know what you are writing on by the third week of class.


Class Session Quiz Topic Due on this Date
Aug. 25
Aug. 26
Aug. 27
  First day of classes
New student orientation (5:00pm-6:00pm)
Convocation (5:00pm-6:00pm)
Aug. 28   Intro to class; Ancient worldviews; Hebrew Theism Presence in class
Sept. 1
Sept. 3
  Labor Day (No Classes on Campus)
Equip (5:00pm-6:00pm)
Sep. 4   World of difference; The First Philosophers; Plato; Aristotle Sproul: Intro-chp 3
Sire: chp 1
Pennington: Death of Pythagoras
Sep. 11 * Plotinus; Christian theism; Augustine Sproul: chp 4
Sire: chp 2
Plotinus (Mackenna & Page): On Dialectic (1st Ennead, 3rd tractate)
Augustine (Marchand): de dialectica [Populi under 'Lessons']
Paper topics due
Sep. 18   Islamic Theism Sire: chp 10
Quran (Itani): Sura 96 (Mecca)
Quran (Itani): Sura 42 (Medina)
Quran (Itani): Sura 62 (Medina)
Slick: Mohammed on Jesus in Hadith
Pluralism Project: Post Biblical Religion; Rabbinic Text [next link]
Sep. 25 * Anselm; Thomas Aquinas; Rene Descartes; John Locke Sproul: chp 5-7
No extra readings this week
Oct. 1   Equip (5:00pm-6:00pm)
Oct. 2   Baruch Spinoza; David Hume; Immanuel Kant Read: Sproul: chp 8-9
Nadler: Why Spinoza Was Excommunicated
Kreeft: The pillars of unbelief - Kant
Oct. 4   Memorial Scholarship Fair
Oct. 9 Spencer & Krauze: * Deism; Naturalism Read: Sire: chp 3-4
No extra readings this week
Oct. 16   G.W.F. Hegel; Karl Marx Read: Sproul: chp 10
Spencer & Krauze: Excerpt from Hegel for Beginners
Metzger: How Hegelian Is Christianity?
Marx: Communist Manifesto, ch. 2
Oct. 23 * Christian Existentialism; Søren Kierkegaard Read: Sproul: chp 11
Kierkegaard: Selections from The present moment
Thompson: Desiring repetition
Oct. 30   Friedrich Nietzsche; Nihilism Read: Sproul: chp 12
Sire: chp 5
Hindley: Nietzsche Is Dead
First draft of paper due
Nov. 5   Academic Advising Event
Nov. 6   Jean-Paul Sartre; Existentialism Read: Sproul: 13
Read: Sire: 6
Sartre: The wall
Nov. 13 * Darwin and Freud Read: Sproul: 14
Darwin: Letters on God
Sigmund Freud on religion
Jung Society: Exerpts from Jung
Nov. 20   Eastern Thought; New Age Read: Sire: 7
Humm: Shankara and Ramanuja
Nov. 25-27   Thanksgiving Break No Classes on Campus
Dec. 4 * Postmodernism, Deconstruction; Examined life; Gilson's choice Read: Sproul: 15
Sire: 9-10
Foucault: The order of things, preface [pp. xiv–xxiv = PDF 14–22]
Dec. 8-12   Final Exams Week
Dec. 11   Maybe a movie and discussion Final paper due
Final exam due
Dec. 13   GCD Christmas party

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