The 1101 Spring 2004 Quiz #7 makeup 5/7/04Name:______________________

Respond to the following three essay questions. This is due by e-mail by Monday, May 10 10:00 AM.

Discuss the range of early Christian responses to persecution and martyrdom. How did martyrdom become a central feature of Christian storytelling? How is it related to emerging asceticism? What were the Roman viewpoints that lead to the persecution of Christianity? What sort of parallels are there between the Roman perspective on Christianity and its view of other Greco-Roman 'mystery religions'?

What is the apocalyptic worldview? What sort of social context does it seem to reflect? What are the two main topics addressed in apocalyptic literature? How is it related to the book of Revelation? How do the issues surrounding it relate to the 'little apocalypse' in Mark?

What heresies are addressed in the opening chapters of Revelation (chs. 2-4)? What might their respective belief systems have been (based on context)? How might they resemble 2nd century heresies that we know from other sources? Are any of them likely to resemble the Carpocratians (why)?