The 1101 Fall 2003 Quiz #5 makeup 4/2/04Name:______________________

Respond to three of the following four essay questions. This is due at the beginning of class on Friday, Apr. 16.

Describe the organization of the Pauline churches. What kind of church offices were there (is that even an appropriate term?) and how did they relate to each other? How do they differ from the authority structure in most modern churches?

Discuss the issue of pseudepigraphy generally as it applies to New Testament writings. Which New Testament books are scholars most likely to consider pseudonymous? What sorts of things suggest to scholars that a work is not authentic? What sorts of arguments can be brought to the table to defend a work against such criticisms? Briefly discuss the particular case of 1 Timothy as regards its authenticity.

What do we know about the social location and roles of women in Pauline Christianity? How did it differ from or resemble the roles of women in the Jewish and Hellenistic world? How has the view of gender roles in the New Testament impacted the history of Christianity? What other factors have contributed to women's roles in later Christianity?

What kind of issues did Paul address in 1 Corinthians that relate to the order of community worship? Try to describe what a Corinthian church meeting might have been like, and how it would have changed if Paul's suggestions were implemented. Why do modern liturgical practices seem so different (how and when did this happen)?