The 1101 Spring 2004 Quiz #1 makeup 2/6/04Name:______________________

Respond to the following essay questions. Be succinct -- information is much more important than volume. This is due at the beginning of class on Monday, Feb. 16.

How did the Greeks view circumcision? What arguments might they have made for their view? What impact did their views have on the interaction between Hellenism and the Jews, both in Palestine and in the Diaspora? What were the ranges of response within the Jewish communities?

What is the synoptic problem? Why is it important? Outline the two most accepted solutions to the problem. How does the Gospel of Thomas fit into this picture?

How was what we have called "Hellenistic Christianity" different from the Jewish Christianity which was probably the norm in the earliest years after the death of Jesus? To what extent was it a reflection of tendencies already present in Diaspora Judaism? As Hellenistic Christianity became the dominant form of Christianity, do you think those adhering to traditional Jewish Christianity were more likely to merge into the emerging orthodoxy, merge back into Judaism, or simply stop getting converts until they no longer existed?