Intro. to the Old Testament

Spring 2004: St. Joseph's University

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Office: Belerman 204
Office Hours: 10:00-11:00 MWF, or by appointment

Required Textbooks:

Willis Barnstone, ed., The Other Bible
Don C. Benjamin, The Old Testament Story
A modern translation of the Bible


We will have a very short evaluation every other week. Those grades will together represent 35% of your final grade. Normally this will only take the first 20 min. of class and class will continue afterwards. The final exam will also be 20% of your grade. Another 25% will come from numerous daily reading checks. These will generally consist of one question drawn from the assigned reading for the day. A final 20% will come from a paper. This can either be a standard short research paper (10 pages) on an approved topic, or it can be a critical preparation of one of an ancient document such as one of the Dead Sea Scrolls documents (a sample of this type of project is on the web page). Team work (up to 3) is allowed on larger projects. I will also reward you for class participation (but not detract for shyness). There will be a makeup available for each of the biweekly quizzes, but you must have a valid excuse to take it. I will allow you to retake one failed quiz by doing the makeup -- but only if you took the main version -- you may not make up a failed makeup. No make-ups will be available for the reading checks, but with a valid excuse I will not average in a 0 for that grade.

This class requires that you be computer literate. There will be materials 'on line' that I want you to use, and I will be happy to spend some time with you early in the semester learning to use them if needed. You will each need an e-mail account, but it does not need to be a school account.

Office Policy:

If you need to contact me other than during my office hours, please feel free to call me at home (Do not call after 10:00 p.m.). I can also arrange to be in my St. Joseph's office at a time convenient for both of us -- do not hesitate to make an appointment with me if you feel that you need to see me.

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