Vitae of Adam and Eve

Lisa Prato & Mandy DiLissio

In the beginning of the text, Adam and Eve were driven out of paradise and stricken with severe grief for seven days. After these seven days, they began to search for food. They encountered various animals that were supplied by the Lord. Adam and Eve had disobeyed the Lord and need to repent with a great penitence.

In order to repent, Eve goes to the river Tigris and Adam goes to the river in Jordan. Adam called the swimming animals in the water to grieve with him because he had sinned. They stood still in the water, fasting for forty days perchance that the Lord will pity them. The water stood still as they grieved. After eighteen days, Satan transformed himself into an angel and went to the river Tigris. There, he found Eve crying. Satan pretended to grieve with her and tells her that God has heard their penitence and forgives them. He said that God will give them their nourishment. He lured her out of the water and led her to Adam. She realized that this was the devil and that she had been tricked again. She questioned why Satan had done this to her again.

The devil explains that he had been expelled from Glory for Adam. Adam was created in the image of God and when he was formed the devil was banished from the heavens. The devil was upset because he was banished from the presence of angels. Michael, the archangel, said Satan should worship the image of God, Adam. The devil refused because he would not worship a being younger than he was. The devil, banished into another world, was overcome with grief. Therefore, he inflicted grief upon Adam and Eve.

Eve said to Adam that she had committed these errors and because she disobeyed God she should be banished. She left to die in the sunsetting but realizes that she is with child and needs help from the Lord. She cries out to God, but the mercy of God did not encircle her. Adam rescued her and God's assistance soon followed. Next, twelve angels and two virtues appeared standing next to Eve. Michael was standing to her right and will help her with her pain. He helped deliver their son, Cain. Adam took his wife and son back to the East.

Back in the East, Michael taught Adam how to work and till the ground so they would have fruit to live by. Soon after, Eve gave birth to Abel. Cain and Abel were always together. One night, Eve had a dream that Cain killed Abel. Out of fear, Adam and Eve separate their sons making Cain a husbandman and Abel a shepherd. When Abel was one hundred and twenty-two years old, he was slain by his brother Cain.

Adam and Eve then had a third son, Seth who replaced Abel. By the time Adam was eight hundred years old he was the father of thirty more sons and thirty more daughters. In total, Adam and Eve had sixty-three children that spread across the nations.

Adam confides in his son Seth and retells the stories of the past. He explains how Michael came to him with a chariot and many thousands of angels. When Adam saw this, he was fearful as he bowed down before God. God said that Adam had disobeyed him by listening to his wife instead of God. Adam knew that he was wrong so he asked God to convert his soul and take the breath from his mouth. God said that he should not be taken but to serve him. Adam adored the Lord God and was loyal to him. After he had worshipped the Lord, Michael took him by the hand and led him back.

The Lord would give commandments and statutes. Adam and Eve would build a house in honor of the Lord where they would transgress. The people who have kindled with the wrath of God shall be dispersed. Righteousness will begin to shine and enemies will not be able to touch believers in the house. All will obey God and men were purified from sins by water. Those who were unwilling to be purified by water were sinned. God was the judge of all.

When Adam was nine hundred and thirty years old, he knew he was going to die. He called all his sons together to assemble in the house of prayer. There, he told his sons that he was sick and in pain. Seth believed that Adam needed the fruit of paradise and told his father that he would go anywhere to get it. Adam said that it was not the fruit that he wanted. He explained to Seth that he felt great pain and weakness in his body. Seth asked to know and understand his pain.

Adam told Seth how when God created them he placed them in paradise and laid a prohibition about the tree of knowledge. They were forbidden from eating this fruit. The Lord gave parts of paradise to Adam and Eve. He also gave them two angels to guard them. But, the devil led the mother astray to eat from the forbidden fruit. This upset the Lord because he had been disobeyed. He would bring upon them seventy blows and cruel pains to their race as a consequence. Adam and Eve wept and Eve wanted to take over the pain because it was her fault for sinning.

Eve and Seth venture off to paradise to lament and to get the oil of life. This was from the tree of mercy. On their voyage, they encountered a beast/serpent who bit Seth. From this, Eve believed that she was a curse. The serpent told Eve that it was not anything against her but he was hungry. Seth and Eve continued to look for the oil of mercy to anoint. When they arrived at the gates of paradise, they took dust from the earth and put it on their heads and lamented. They asked for God to help and to send an angel down to them. After many hours, Michael appeared to tell Seth that Adam would not be able to be saved in the last days. Michael said that after 5,500 years, the son of God, Christ, will revive the body of Adam and the bodies of the dead. Christ would be baptized in the river of Jordan and will anoint, from the oil of mercy, all that believe in him. Christ will lead Adam to the tree of mercy. In six days, Adam's soul would leave his body. Michael left and Eve and Seth returned to their family bearing herbs of fragrance (nard, crocus, calamus, and cinnamon).

When they reached Adam, they told him how the serpent bit Seth. Adam replied that a plague had come upon them as a result. Eve wept and moaned and in six days Adam died. Before dying, Adam told his sons that he was 930 years old and to bury him towards the sunrising and after he died the sun darkened for seven days.

Everyone mourned the death of Adam and Michael appeared once again. All the angels blew their trumpets in honor of Adam. Seth saw the hand of God reaching out and holding Adam. He then handed Adam over to Michael and decided to let Adam be in charge until the day of judgement. People were told to bring clothes to spread over Adam and Abel. The two angels, Michael and Uriel buried Adam and Abel in paradise.

Six days later, Eve thought she was going to die. She assembled all of her children and told them what Michael said to her and Adam. He said that because of their sins the Lord would bring his anger of judgement upon the people; first by water and then by fire. From this, the Lord would judge the race.

Eve told the children to make tables of stone and clay to write all that they have learned from their parents. By using both clay and stone, at least some of the tables would survive fire or water. Eve died and after four days Michael appeared. He told Seth not to mourn more than six days. The seventh day, the sign of resurrection and of the rest of the age to come, occurred. And God rested.

We have come to the conclusion that the "Vitae of Adam and Eve" tells the story of the lives of Adam and Eve after they were driven out of paradise because they ate the forbidden fruit. It further explains the trickery and conflict that they faced with the devil. From this incident, Adam and Eve lamented to God and prayed for his help in Eve's time of pain and grief.

The story follows with the bearing of the children of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. It tells how Cain kills Abel and a son, Seth replaces Abel. Adam explains the past to Seth and how he and his wife disobeyed God. "Vitae of Adam and Eve" continues with the sickness of Adam and the search for the oil of mercy to anoint him.

The pain and suffering of Adam leads Eve and Seth to return to paradise to lament and ask for God's help. The archangel, Michael explains that after 5,500 years the son of God, Christ, will revive the body of Adam and the bodies of the dead. The son of God will be baptized and will anoint all that believe in him. Adam died and six days later, Eve thought that she would die. Before her death, she gathered her children to explain the importance of writing down on tables what had occurred to her and Adam. In order to ensure that the tables would last, she ordered her children to create some from clay and some from stone to be protected against both fire and water.

The significance of the story is how the sin and deceit of Adam and Eve followed them throughout their lives. It shows how loyalty and belief in God will overcome all. The times when they needed the most help they looked to God.


April 4, 1997

prepared for Intro. to the Old Testament
by Lisa Prato & Mandy DiLissio