Hebrew Bible Spring 2004 Quiz #6 makeup 4/21/04Name:______________________

Respond to three of the following four essay questions. This is due by noon on Monday, May 3. You may send it to me by e-mail, deliver it to me personally at quiz time, or leave it for me with the department secretary. If you leave it with the secretary, make sure it has my name on it, as well as yours.

How does the Satan of Job differ from the portrait of the Devil we usually get in western cultures? What influences lead to the modern view of the Devil as an angel who is in rebellion against God and who is responsible for much of the trouble of the world?

Look at Psalm 110. What sort of psalm is it? Does it seem to have a particular sitz im leben? If so, what? Describes the types of parallelism, or other structures and techniques you find in the psalm.

In terms of the psychological states associated with intermediary activity that we discussed in class, do an analysis of either the movie Ghost or the movie Sixth Sense (or some other movie that lends itself to such analysis). Show how the intermediary is presented, along with his/her ability. How are the other characters receptive or cynical regarding the intermediary's skills? Does this movie tell us anything about our culture's views of prophetism in general?

Imagine yourself to be Hananiah, Jeremiah's prophetic nemesis (see Jer. 28). Construct a 'prophecy' that he might have uttered. Put it in the verse style of the classical prophets. Make sure it reflects the theological/political viewpoint that he was probably presenting as the inspired oracle of YHWH.