The 1501 Spring 2004 Quiz #2 makeup 2/20/04Name:______________________

Respond to the following essay questions. Be succinct -- information is much more important than volume. This is due at the beginning of class on Monday, March 1.

Who or what is the snake in the story of Adam and Eve? Provide at least three conflicting interpretations. What audience do you suppose each of these interpretations targets and what effect do you expect it may have had?

What are the various names used for God in the Hebrew Bible? How do their meanings differ, and what, if anything do they tell us about ancient Israel's view of the deity? How are they generally translated, or represented, in modern English translations? If you were a translator, would you handle any of them differently?

Summarize the Enuma Elish. How does it relate to the creation stories in the Hebrew (if at all)? Does it shed light on the interpretation of the Biblical narrative? Do the biblical stories shed light on the Enuma Elish? What do you think accounts for the similarities and differences between the traditions?