Ancient Christian Exorcism Liturgy

fourth c. CE, Greek and Coptic text

Formula for exorcism:


Use seven olive branches.
Tie the ends of six of them together [into loops?]
Use the remaining one as a whip during the procedure.
This procedure is known to be effective, and should not be made public.

Liturgy to be recited over [the possessed person]

Put the branches in front of him and, standing behind him recite:
Hail God of Abraham!
Hail God of Isaac!
Hail God of Jacob!
Jesus the righteous
Holy Spirit
Son of the Father,
  below the seven
  within the seven
Come Yao Sabaoth!

Direct your power to Patient's Name
Drive Satan, this unclean demon within him, away
I command you, demon, whoever you may be, by the power of
Come out, demon, whoever you may be
Stay away from Patient's Name
Quickly! Now! Come out, demon!
I bind you with unbreakable chains of adamantine!
I cast you into the abyss of Hell!

After the exorcism

After the demon is cast out, hang tin amulet on the sufferer with following written on it:
bor phor phorba phor phorba
bes charin baubo te phor borphorba
phorbabor baphorba pharbraie
phorba pharba phorphor phorba
bophor phorba phorphor phorba
boborborba pamphorba phorphor
phorba.   Protect Patient's Name
On another amulet put the mark S

paraphrased from Margin Meyer and Richard Smith Ancient Christian Magic. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1994. Pp. 43ff