The Creation and End of the World

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Creation Myth links from all over

Various Creation Myths Summarized
The Gikuyu Creation Myth
Maasai Creation Myth
Native American
Origin of the Medicine Man
Las tres ventanas
Encyclopedia Mythica - Article: Choctaw creation myth
Encyclopedia Mythica - Article: Zuni creation myth
Lakota Creation Myth
Ancient World Religions
Japanese Creation Myth
The Norse Creation Myth
CMCC - Egyptian civilization - Myths - Creation myth
Egyptian Creation Story
A Greek Creation Myth
Pelasgian Creation Myth
The Altaic Creation Story
The story of Ra & the Serpent
Babylonian Creation Epic
Hebrew Creation Story
Modern Interpretations
A Dianic Creation Myth
Creation Myth Writing Exercise

Prophecy and Apocalyptic in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Hosea Commentary (4Q166 (4QpHosa)) exerpt
The Chosen One (4Qelect=4Q534, 4QarNC=4Q535-6). [Student Paraphrase]
The Book of Secrets (1Q27, 4Q299-301)
The Divine Throne Chariot
The Coming of Melchizedek (11Q13)
Redemption and Resurrection (4Q521)

Early Jewish and Christian Revelations & Apocalypses

1 (Ethiopic Apocalypse of) Enoch From Charles' APOT.
2 (Slavonic Apocalypse of) Enoch.
4 Ezra = 2 Esdras
Apocalypse of Sedrach

Christian Revelations & Apocalypses

Some Nostradamus Quatrains

Nostradamus: Prophecies of Our Century Ch. 2

Ancient Texts Useful for Biblical Studies

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