Exploring the Languages of the Bible

Grace Church

Fall 2010

Alan Humm [ ]

Fall 2010: Sat 1:30-3:00



Alphabets (first handout - in color)
Ancient Scripts: Major alphabets

Getting Hebrew (and Greek) on you computer

Mac (OSX or higher)
Windows (XP or higher)
If you are using UNIX, you are on your own.

Ancient Hebrew

Hebrew for Christians
Alexander McCaul, Introduction to Hebrew grammar for the use of beginners (1847). Use this link to get all at once.
Intro.: The Alphabet, etc.
The verb
The noun
More on verbs
Hebrew 1 (second handout)
Hebrew 2 (third handout)
Hebrew 3 (fourth handout)
Hebrew 4 (fifth handout)
Hebrew 5 (sixth handout)
Hebrew 6 (seventh handout)
Hebrew 7 (eighth handout)

Koine Greek

Corey Keating(?), "Learning New Testament Greek" (but not downloading Bill Mounce's fonts)
Samuel Green, A brief introduction to New Testament Greek

Greek 1 (first handout)
Greek 2 (second handout)
Greek 3 (third handout)

Biblical Aramaic

Edward Cook, "Learn (a little) Aramaic from your New Testament"
P.J. Williams, "Outline of Aramaic Grammar"

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