Intro to Biblical Hebrew (mostly)

Grace Church

Spring/Summer 2011

Alan Humm [ ]

Spring/Summer 2011: Mon 7:00-9:00 (p.m.)



Textbook: Moshe Greenberg, Introduction to Hebrew

    Chapters 1 - 7
    Chapters 8 - 10
    Readings 1 - 6 (pp. 139-145)

Ancient Scripts: Major alphabets

Getting Hebrew (and Greek) on you computer

Mac (OSX or higher)
Windows (XP or higher)
If you are using UNIX, you are on your own.

Other resources:

Hebrew for Christians
Alexander McCaul, Introduction to Hebrew grammar for the use of beginners (1847). Use this link to get all at once (links below for chapter by chapter).
This is an alternate long-since out-of-copyright text, if you are desperate to look at something else. His pronunciations are often quite different (caveat emptor) and it is so terse that it makes a better review text for later. But it is free and all.
Intro.: The Alphabet, etc.
The verb
The noun
More on verbs

Class handouts

Alphabets (first handout - in color)
Accompanying Greenberg, chs. 1 & 2
This handout was originally part of the general intro to the Languages of the Bible, so it includes an intro to the Greek alphabet as well as the Hebrew one. For this class, please feel free to ignore the Greek stuff. Of course, if you know Greek, the inclusion of the its alphabet may help you see how the Hebrew/Aramaic alphabet is realted to the Greek (both by way of Phonecian [ancient Canaanite]).

Hebrew 1 (second handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, chs. 3 & 4

Hebrew 2 (third handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, ch. 5

Hebrew 3 (fourth handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, ch. 6 & 7

Hebrew 4 (fifth handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, ch. 8

Hebrew 5 (sixth handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, rdg. 1

Hebrew 6 (seventh handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, ch. 9 & rdg. 2

Hebrew 7 (eighth handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, rdgs. 3-4

Hebrew 8 (ninth handout)
Accompanying Greenberg, ch. 10 & rdgs. 5-6

Cumulative vocabulary through chapter 10 (tenth handout A)
Accompanying Greenberg, ch. 10 & rdgs. 5-6
Paradigms and Exercises (not in book) through chapter 10 (tenth handout B)
Accompanying Greenberg, ch. 10 & rdgs. 5-6

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