Bible Era Legends Spring 2001 Final Exam 5/12/01
Respond to the following essay question. Be succinct -- information is much more important than volume. This is due by the end of the scheduled final for this class. If you are a senior, it is due by e-mail before I get up Tuesday morning.

Note: I apologize for this taking so long to get up. I just forgot about it until one of you asked where it was (I won't say who in order to preserve him from harm). Seniors, note the due time is a day later than I said in class. If this is still a problem, contact me.

Present a brief introduction/interpretation for one of the following texts. You may choose whichever you prefer. You are also welcome to use whatever resources you wish, although I warn you there will not be much on either one.

...E]noch, after we taught him
...he was with the angels of God] six full Jubilees
...the la]nd, unto the midst of the sons of man and he testified against them all
...] and also against the watchers. And he wrote all
...] heaven and the ways of their hosts and [ho]ly ones th]at the ri[ghteous ones] shall not commit error [...
   --Dead Sea Scrolls: 4Q227 tr. Martin Abegg, Jr.

For, in the so-called Greater Questions of Mary (indeed, there are also Lesser ones fabricated by them) they posit that he gave a revelation to her: he took her to the mountain, prayed, and took from his side a woman; he began to mingle with her; and thus, of course, partaking of his own emission, he indicated that
     we must act thus, so that we might live;
and when Mary was disturbed and fell to the ground, he raised her up and said to her, "O person of litttle faith, why did you doubt?"
   --Epiphanius Against Heresies 26.8.2f tr. Bently Layton