Interpreting the Song of Songs

Song of Songs in Hebrew and English

A series of articles on the Song of Songs

A mini verse by verse commentary on the Song of Songs

Links to analogous literature from ancient Egypt and Iraq:
    Love, Marriage, and Hieros Gamos
Ruth Galanti: Song of Songs


Historical Interpretation samples

The following passages were all borrowed from a bulk pack on the Song of Songs prepared by Jay Treat. Jay has a slew of other stuff on the Song

Some excerpts from historical Jewish interpretation:
    Midrash Rabbah: Ointments
    Zohar: The Mystery of the Kiss
     Zohar: Intercourse
Some excerpts from historical Christian interpretation:
    Gregory of Nyssa: Milk vs. Wine
     Gregory of Nyssa: Know Yourself
     Bernard of Clairvaux: On the Kiss
     St. John of the Cross: Where Have You Hidden?
From a modern interpreter:
     Phyllis Trible: Loveís Lyrics Redeemed

Simplified Dream Interpretation


(20th c.)

Everythingís either concave or ívex
so whatever you dream will be something with sex

-Piet Hein


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