Lilith Pictures

Babylonian relief

Ancient and Magical Images

Art from the ancient world, as well as images and amulets through the ages designed to ward her off.

Michelangelo: Temptation

From Adam and Eve Pictures

A significant number of pictures of the temptation of Adam and Eve, particularly from the Renaissance, portary the snake as a woman. There may be good reasons to think that the snake in these pictures is Lilith herself.

Giger: Lilith

Modern Renditions






Pictures and sculptures from the modern world (defined as 19th c. onward). Please let me know if you have some you would be willing to add to this collection.

Kubert: Lilith

Fantasy Art

Modern images associated with comics, anime, fantasy and gaming. I realize that in some cases this is a somewhat arbitrary category, as over against the previous.

Shulevitz: Queen of Sheba

Risqué Images

These pictures are separated out, not because of topic or historical period, but merely because they require a higher FOSI rating. It seemed better to isolate them than to limit access to the bulk of the other images.


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