Lilith Art I: 1800-1995

Rosetti: Lady Lilith Lady Lilith, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1864-73. This painting was created to accompany a poem written by the artist.
Wilmington Society of the Fine Arts, Wilmington, Delaware.

Collier: Lilith John Collier, Lilith. 1892. Oil on canvas (1887)

Waterhouse: Lamia John William Waterhouse, Lamia. 1905. Oil on Canvas. 'Lamia' is Greco-Latin equivalent of lilith-demon. The Vulgate uses the term to translate 'Lilith' in Isaiah 34.14. For Waterhouse, the distinction between lamia and lilith would have been moot. Here, and in the following picture, she is portrayed as a succubus.

Waterhouse: Lamia John William Waterhouse, Lamia. 1909. Oil on Canvas. See previous comment.

Cox: Lilith Kenyon Cox (American, 1856-1919), Lilith. 1892. Presumably This was a painting, but all I have is this copy. Nor do I know anything more about it, other than that it appeared in the journal Zeitschrift für bildende Kunst, N. F. 5, 1893. If you know anything more - where the original resides, for example - and particularly if you have a copy of the original, please let me know.
I also know that a copy (print) existed at Brigham Young Univ.

Pann: Lilith Abel Pann (1883-1963). Lilith. from a series: The Bible in pictures. Jerusalem, 1926.
Center for Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania. Mayer Sulzberger Collection. Used by permission.

Boye: Lilith Lilith by Karin Boye (1900-1941).
© Copyright 1996 Ulf Boye.

Boye: Lilith and a Faun Lilith med Faun by Karin Boye (1900-1941).
© Copyright 1996 Ulf Boye.

Callner: Birth of Lilith Callner: Lilith Richard Callner (1927-2007) did a whole collection of paintings with Lilith as the theme. Most are no longer viewable on the web since his passing. Any I was able to find are linked from their thumbnails.

Dali: Lilith and the Double Victory of Samothrace Salvador Dali. Lilith and the Double Victory of Samothrace, 1966, bronze. This sculpture is visual midrash on the famous sculpture(s) of Nike (The Winged Victory of Samothrace). It is apparently two models of the classical sculpture fused face to face. How this connects to Lilith, I am not sure. Write me if you have an explanation. The photos are actually of a copy belonging to Dr. Poleon Yee, used by permission. The original can be found at the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art, Inawashiro, Japan.

Black: Lilith Jappie King Black. Lilith. Hand woven (on a loom), crocheted, stitched, wrapped, coiled and painted of mixed fibers: linen, wool, cotton, silk, synthetics and alpaca approx. 60 x 12 x 12 inches with wood base. Please read the artist's statement. © 1980 Jappie King Black. Photo R.W. Black. Used by permission.

Giger: Lilith H.R. Giger. Lilith. If you are even a little familiar with Giger's work, you can't be too surprised to find that he portrayed Lilith. She made the cover of one of his books, in fact. © copyright 1985. From Necronomicon 2 Edition C Zurich, 1985 and 1992 by Morpheus International.

Falorio: Lilith Lilith, 14in x 11in, oil on linen, created 1991,
Private Collection.
© copyright 1996 Linda Falorio.

Bottequi: Eve, Adam-Kadmon, Adam and Lilith Jean-Marie Bottequi, Eve, Adam-Kadmon, Adam and Lilith. Munich 1993.

Aaron-Taylor: Lilith Susan Aaron-Taylor: Lilith. Probably wood & polymer. I have been unable to verify the details on this sculpture, but it most likely comes from her Dieties series, circa 1994.

Stanton: Lilith Sandra Stanton, Lilith. 40 in. diameter 1994 oil on linen.

Pomerance: 6th Palace Fay Pomerance. The Sixth Palace of Hell. To be perfectly honest, I think this is supposed to be Lilith, but I don't know for sure.

Broca: Lilith Creation Broca: Lilith-Snake-Goddess Lilith Creation, 1995.
Lilith, the Snake, With her Goddess Self, 1996.
Two from a collection of images on Lilith by Lilian Broca.
© copyright 1994-1996 Lilian Broca

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